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Els Vereycken

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Creator of: 3 Men in Different Form - 1
3 Men in Different Form - 2
3 Men in Different Form - 3


During My childhood I saw my mother making and designing hats and clothes. I've always sewed, but mostly I collected pieces of fabric to use later on in some sort of combination.

My study of science, my job and family left me little time to work out all of my fantasies.

As soon as I retired, I threw all of my energy into the combination of drawing, painting, designing and sewing. At first, nature was my source of inspiration. Later on, I found inspiration from other things.

For my first efforts in art quilt making I approached making a new piece without any form of foreknowledge. I worked completely from my own ideas, sometimes with help from technical books. Afterwards, I learned different skills by taking classes and reading books on the subjects (e.g. Dorle Sterne Straeter, Katherine Guerrier , Jean Schulze and Monique Gilbert).

Time flies so fast, I don't have enough of it to full all the dreams I have.

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