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Pam Geisel

artist photo 

Creator of: Blue Bird
Painted Feather
Threaded Feather


Pam’s education and work experience has been as a graphic designer and an instructor of both graphic design and desktop publishing. She’s always been an artist and has explored using many different mediums, but it’s designing with fabric that really grabs her passion. She’s inspired by everything around her: patterns in the trees and the leaves, designs in a tile floor, the shape of a wave. Sometimes she get an idea like a flash and other times the fabrics tell her what they want to be.

What interests her about traditional quilting is how a quilt square can look completely different if the shapes that make up the square are in different colors or tones of the fabric. She is also fascinated by the secondary patterns that emerge when quilt blocks are arranged together. Lately, she’s been doing more exploring with the fabrics and making art quilts that incorporated traditional piecing but in new ways.

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