Wendy Waloff - Philadelphia, PA
"Sunbelly Phish Quilt No. 2. (Thanks Peter)"

Wendy Waloff

The three things that energize me are making quilts, listening to music, and working with high school students. When all three of these forces come together in one project, I'm zoned, I'm at my best. Last year in an English class about memoir writing, one of my young friends wrote a piece about how he felt the first time he went to hear his favorite band, Phish. He described his resulting euphoria as feeling like a sun was shining in his belly. This image exploded in my head; I recognized the sensation. I like going to hear Phish too, and I also know that sunshiny feeling from Grateful Dead shows. Peter agreed to let me borrow his metaphor and thus was born my current series of quilts which express how I feel when I hear my favorite bands play.
I'm getting older, maybe I'm getting smarter; life changes but some things stay the same. Going to hear the right kind of music makes me feel like I will live forever. There are a lot more quilts to make, more songs to hear, more kids to learn from.

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