Tina Cresswell - Campbell River, BC
"Cottage Gothic or Tina's in the Lake"

Tina Cresswell

Every summer family and friends gather at our gothic A-frame cottage outside Prince George, British Columbia. The birch leaves rustle, the water glows, and we get back in touch with each other after a busy year. In this quilt, the water, in the gothic shape of the cottage, is surrounded by the bright, vibrant colours I associate with family members, whose cry often rings through the woods: "Mom's in the lake again!"I believe I swim so much because I was a mermaid in a past life. When I was a child, I used to practice for hours on end swimming with my feet held together like a tail!

I dyed all the fabric, my other consuming cottage passion, at the cottage, and machine pieced and quilted it. My thanks go to Diana Swim Wessel and elinor peace bailey for their inspiration.

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