Quiltart Self-Portrait Challenge: Finding Time ... Finding Ourselves

Finding Time ... Finding Ourselves

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Mary Barnett

Mary Barnett
"Didja Ever Think You'd Have it This Good?"

Alan Kelchner Alan Kelchner
"If I'd Only Known Where I'd End Up"
Lisa Bowes Lisa Bowes
"Tits and Ass"
Susan Lumsden Susan Lumsden
"My Other Body is a Size 5"
Rebecca Broadbent Rebecca Broadbent
"Moon Mother"
Michele Martens Michele Martens
Karen Calhoun Karen Calhoun
"Me and My Shadow - High Fives"
Jacq Moravcik Jacq Moravcik
"Into the Light (Rebirth)"
Valerie Clarke Valerie Clarke
"The Myth of Patricia McNeal"
Sandy Naval Sandy Naval
"Me and My Shadow"
Linda Colsh Linda Colsh
"Tying Clooties"
Amy Nelson Amy Nelson
"Me, Myself and My Friends"
Claudia Comay Claudia Comay
"Of Rocks and Eggs and Me"
Emily Parson Emily Parson
"In the Moment"
Pat Courtney Pat Courtney
Sandy Pflanz Sandy Pflanz
"Enough Already"
Heddi Craft Heddi Craft
Diane Pigg Diane Pigg
"Shades of Self"
Tina Cresswell Tina Cresswell
"Cottage Gothic of Tina's in the Lake"
Ann Pugh Ann Pugh
"Yin & Yang and the Pressure of Time"
Jennifer Danly Jennifer Danly
Meena Schaldenbrand Meena Schaldenbrand
"Just One in a Zillion"
Patricia Elkovitch Patricia Elkovitch
"Tempest Fugit"
Priscilla Schrock Priscilla Schrock
"Emerging" or "Of Course I'm Crazy, That Has Never Been in Question"
Maxine Farkas Maxine Farkas
"Max in the Hat"
Pam Siera Pam Siera
"Talking to the Goddess Within"
Claire Fenton Claire Fenton
"My Brain on Drugs"
Ann Starr Ann Starr
"It's a Matter of Perspective"
Muriel Fulgione Muriel Fulgione
"The Self of Joy"
Christine Stitcher Christine Stitcher
Marni Goldshlag Marni Goldshlag
"Who is She?"
Sandy Wagner Sandy Wagner
"A Bit Off Tilt"
Mary Beth Goodman Mary Beth Goodman
"Thread Dancing"
Wendy Waloff Wendy Waloff
"Sunbelly Phish Quilt No. 2 (Thanks Peter)"
Diana Keener Diana Keener
"Treading Water"
Pat White Pat White
Sandy Wagner Sarah Williams
"A Woman of Many Talents"



Photography by Joel Breger and Associates of Takoma Park, MD

1998 Quiltart and Judith Lavine Smith
All quilts are copyrighted by their respective makers.

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