Pat White - Haines Junction, Yukon

Pat White

In preparation for my solo show "Thunder Eggs and Re-creations", I was  surprised to discover that I had produced a self portrait. My goal for  the show was to rais public awareness to mining interests that are  threatening a very fragile ecosystem and some beautiful geological   structures on the edge of Kluane National Park in the Yukon. This place,   aptly named "Thunderegg Creek" had become a place for me to hike to in order to become focused, inspired, and centered during stressufl times. While preparing for this show, my husband and family relocated 1800 miles from Kluane for employment. I joined them shortly after. My entire body and soul told me I was not ready or capabale of leaving Kluane yet and I produced this piece upon my solo return to Kluane. It documents some of the feelings and emotions that I was going through when I discovered that I was leaving a family and husband of 24 years for a landscape. The round balls forming the person shape are perfectly round glacial rocks called "Thundereggs" that are found at the headwaters of this creek.

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