Pam Siera - Santa Rosa, CA
"Talking to the Goddess Within"

Pam Siera

Having been through a major life transition last year with the youngest kid going to college I depicted that which was left of me in my self portrait; the spiritual. I am the endemic Demeter or mother goddess so being kidless was a real challenge for me. I wanted to depict a prayer is meaningful to me;

"I who am the beauty of the green earth,
the white moon amoung the clouds,
and the mysteries of the waters . . ."

Originally I had wanted the goddess figures coming through an archway, however, I was unable to get the perspective in fabric. I wanted the symbols to be a clear as possible. In the current piece the life's pathways are above and behind the circle signifing what we know and what we can only guess at. I selected fabrics that would include other symbols that are important to me; circles, spirals, pre-historic art, the night sky, water, the V of the yoni, and the purple of the Self. The large figure is the Venus of Lassau and the smaller (and older one) is the Venus of Willendorf. Both were found in Europe.

The piece is machine quilted with opalescent thread. I've never done a piece this original. I'm very grateful for the chance to express an idea into fabric, all for the sake of a deadline. It got me coloring outside the lines.

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