Mary Beth Goodman - Brainard, NY
"Thread Dancing"

Mary Beth Goodman

My thought on this project started with all the threads that quilters seem to live with. They stick to your clothes, your rugs, your projects... These threads, of course, come from fabric which is getting sewn together with more thread, and they shed threads throughout the whole process. Threads, fabric, quilts, fabric, threads - this seems to be the cycle of my life at the moment. I make quilts and I organize a new quilt show, NYQuilts! in upstate New York.So here I am standing on a pile - or is it a globe of thread - as the threads leap up and over me, becoming bits of fabric and then bits of patchwork and then bits of thread again. Somewhere in the process, the flow of threads began to resemble a garland, something dancers hold when doing a type of English ritual or Morris Dance. I do Garland and Northwest Morris dancing. Those who know me will recognize that I'm wearing my fancy red clogs - ready to hit the pavement dancing!The figure looks enough like me that people know who it is. I wear denim jumpers quite a bit of the time. Although the figure in my drawing had a simple face, when it was time to draw in the features on fabric, I just felt they weren't necessary. I don't think it means anything in particular - just a design decision. I have other similar projects which are also featureless. My husband thought it must have to do with my great interest in Amish quilts.

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