Jacq Moravcik -Cleveland, OH
"Into the Light (Rebirth)"

Jacq Moravcik

I married at a young 18 years, used to a mother who made all my decisions for me, even to the point of telling the doctor where I hurt. My equally immature husband, determined to be the best provider, took over where she left off. Consequently, as I mature and grew, it was to much opposition. After 20 years, the marriage ended, the first real decision I ever made.

I then married a wonderful man, a gifted musician and very creative designer who continually encourages my artistic and personal growth. The past 5 1/2 years have been an exciting journey."Into the Light" chronicles my emergence from my shadowy, nebulous past, my '40 years wandering in the desert'; my growth into a whole person. My present life- the border of the quilt - is multilayerd; pattern-upon-pattern, colorful and exciting, full of new experiences. My  husband and I are going forward, hand in hand through this maze of  opportunities - both helping each other to fulfill our dreams.

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