Diane Pigg - Cameron Park, CA
"Shades of Self"

Diane Pigg

This work grew from my frustration at the thought of not being able to complete the challenge project I had committed to six months or more ago. Within 3 weeks of the deadline for submission, I still had not been able to start this quilt, and I had spent lots of mental effort visualizing lots of concepts that I couldn't really figure out how to execute.

"You're so busy!" I told myself, fabricating the standard excuse."Yeah, so is everybody else!" I countered, "and they're sending theirs in - some of them are already done."  "You've had six months to do this and you haven't done squat -remember how excited you were about this?" said the inner voice. "It's only 18" square - any ninny can finish that in six months...."

(Good thing I have these intrapersonal conversations when walking the dog - passers-by think I'm talking to him).

One side of myself was really mad at the other side of myself for putting things off so long, and bailing out of the challenge at the eleventh hour. The mad side took me into the studio where I started with the background - a variation of the "Exquisite" block inspired by Gwen Marston's "Liberated Quiltmaking". Then I found the figure I  had cut from a newspaper ad (sorry, can't figure out the source) sometime in the last year, and started enlarging and repeating it, using some hoarded Bali batiks for the figures. By the time I got to quilting it, I felt better, and like I might actually make the deadline with a quilt that is undoubtedly the most original piece I've ever done, and
one I actually like.

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