Christine Stitcher - Alexandria, VA

Christine Stitcher

"All of us are potentially creative whether we begin with words and  finish with a story or start with fabric and end up with a pair of curtains. Living is creative - loving is an art, and so are: friendship, parenthood, and the ability to infuse grace and vitality into one's daily round. Living creatively takes enthusiasm, a sense of style, and , you might say, an ability to make demands upon one's self. Above all, the creative woman is an individual. How she fulfills herself is a question each must answer in her own way." --Author unknown

I first read this quote while I was in high school and it still reflects  how I feel about creativity. Creativity is important to me: in my art work and in my ability to meet life's challenges. As I approach the "half-century" mark, both my work and my approach to life are freer and more creative.This self-portrait reflects the self-confidence I feel and the richness of my life. I am who I am today because of the encounters and experiences I've been fortunate to have.

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