Ann Pugh - Las Vegas, NV
"Yin & Yang and the Pressure of Time"

Ann Pugh

Lots of false starts... was already working on a large self portrait, me juggling balls inscribed with aspects of my life ... other balls on the  ground representing what's no longer of pressing concern... but it  doesn't lend itself to miniaturization and why would I want to do  something twice?

Great Idea! Grandma's quote "Put your troubles in your pocket ... don't  tell others your problems... half of them don't care and the other half  are glad to see you are getting what's coming to you." Levi pockets bursting with items representing life's problems? great graphic idea... but in eighteen inches? NO WAY!

Great idea! Kill all social commentary, just do a face with outrageous  earrings and lots of other embellishments. Not original enough. Others have done it so well and the rest are just boring. More sketches. Time is running out and I have deadlines all over the place - work, family, guild commitments, health, etc. Do I do this tonight? Or that? How late can I stay up tonight and still function tomorrow? Being pulled in so many directions... need to center. Need to make a Yin Yang and cover it with exploded watches!

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