Alan Kelchner - Jacksonville, FL
"If I'd Only Known Where I'd End Up"

Alan Kelchner

This work is an expression of my journey over the past 30 months, and the growth and fear that I experienced.  I had the unfortunate opportunity to be the primary caregiver to a cancer patient, my friend and confidant.   The journey afforded the opportunity to grow and expand, experiencing the  absolute terror of a cancer diagnosis for a close companion; and the  total joy experienced as each tumor was overcome and the journey began to   have a light at its end.

The darkness of this piece is the darkness my soul has experienced  throughout this period.  It is threaded throughout with rayon and metallic  hand quilting, each stitch symbolizing the glimmers of hope that came with each new, more hopeful prognosis - each new day.  My figure is naked, because of the raw, exposed feelings potential loss engendered in me.This piece represents the end of the fear and darkness.  My friend's
cancer has been vanquished and the prognosis for the future is better with the passing of each new day.  When the time comes again to do another self-portrait, it is my deepest hope that the growing joy and hope that continue to chase away the remaining shadows of my soul will become the dominant thread; that the overwhelming darkness of the colors will no longer be necessary.

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