Quiltart Presents

Self Portrait Banner

directed by Lisa Bowes

The members of QuiltArt began this challenge with a few mailing list threads that mixed the ideas of womanhood, crones and self image.   Images of the different stages of life flew around the list, as did tales of rites of passage, learning experiences, and narratives detailing how we each felt about ourselves.

As each of us sat down to create our masterpiece, our self portrait, we wrestled with the problems of portraying not only our three dimensional selves (in a two dimensional medium), but also how to create a work which shows others who we are inside - what do we each share, what do we keep private, what must be screamed from the roof tops?

Our self portraits portray a wide range of talents, visions, and artistic directions.   We've strayed rather far from our original ideas of maiden, mother and crone, but have created pieces which more fully show who we are.

So, who ARE we?  We're thirty seven quilters, women and men  We're teachers, students, caretakers, lovers, parents, and children, who, like the rest of the world are still trying to figure it all out.