QUILT 21 / 2002
American Art Quilts for the 21st Century
August 11 - October 27, 2001,
Brush Gallery, 256 Market, Lowell, MA 01852


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Joanie San Chirico
Jurors' Choice Award
Altar Fragments VI: Eclipse

Julie John Upshaw
Husqvarna Viking Award for 2002
Worms & Holes 1

Claire Fenton
Pfaff Artists Award for Excellence
*Fences 9*
Sara Rockinger
Bernina Award for Innovation in Machine Embroidery


(The cover features a detail of "The Cloisters" by Joan Schulze.)

Quilt 21 2002
$16.95 plus $3 for shipping.

96 pages, full color, 51/2" wide x 6" tall, smythe sewn, paperback

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Make check payable to Quilt 21
mail to:

Maxine Farkas
P.O. Box 877
Lowell, MA 01853

Pat Autenrieth, Maryland
*Judy Becker, Massachusetts
*Eliza Brewster, Pennsylvania
*Linda Colsh, Belgium
*Helene Davis, New Jersey
*Sandra Donabed, Massachusetts
Joan Deuel, New York

*Claire Fenton, Louisiana . . . Pfaff Artists Award for Excellence
*Cornelia Forster, New Hampshire
*Rayna Gillman, New Jersey
Marni Goldshlag, North Carolina
Rosemary Hoffenberg, Massachusetts
*Phil Jones, Kansas
Randy Keenan, New Jersey
Cathy Kleeman, Maryland
Linda Levin, Massachusetts
*Denise Linet, New Hampshire
*Joan Loewenberg, Massachusetts
*Michele Martens, New York
Victoria Montgomery, Idaho
*Dominie Nash, Maryland
Kathy Nida, California
Dan Olfe, California
*Barbara Pucci, New York
Wen Redmond, New Hampshire

Sara Rockinger, Colorado . . . Bernina Award for Innovation in Machine Embroidery
*Joanie San Chirico, New Jersey . . . Jurors' Choice Award
*Joan Schulze, California
Susan Shie & James Acord, Ohio
Carol Taylor, New York
Judith Trager, Colorado

Julie John Upshaw, Texas . . . Husqvarna Viking Award for 2002
Sandra L.H. Woock, Colorado

*exhibited in Quilt 21 / 2000

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