Name of Artist Teresa Barkley
Title Homage to Peto
Year completed 2006
Dimensions 35-3/4" x 35-7/8"
Materials Cotton, found objects, ribbon, buttons
Techniques Hand and machine appliqué, machine quilted
Artist Statement
The city of New York is a magical place. It functions as a capital for art, fashion, theater, publishing and finance -- endeavors that rely on the fact that what appears to be real is often not. To illustrate this, I have borrowed the image of a trompe l'oeil painting by John Frederick Peto (1854-1907), which was featured on a 1974 postage stamp. This painting depicts a letter rack -- a catchall for fragments of daily life. I have assembled patchwork in similar fashion to capture the texture of New York City. This quilt is also intended to pay homage to Florence Peto (1884-1970), a quilt maker, collector and historian, who in 1939 published Historic Quilts in New York City.
Photo Credit Karen Bell

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