Name of Artist Sandra Sider
Title New York Colors
Year completed 2005
Dimensions 35-3/4" x 35-3/4"
Materials Whole-cloth cotton muslin, commercially printed cotton, sequins, embroidery thread, acrylic paint, polyester batting
Techniques Painting, appliqué and reverse appliqué, machine stitching, sequining, hand quilting
Artist Statement
My favorite view of New York City is the skyline of Manhattan at night, when many of the historic buildings are illuminated in brilliant colors. This quilt is my interpretation of the Chrysler Building in glowing bands of polychromatic light, with small sequins flickering across the surface. I took the challenge of "MetroTextural" literally, using embroidery floss to hand-quilt the layers in large stitches to emphasize the textural effect.
Photo Credit the artist

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