Name of Artist Barbara Jade Triton
Title Urban Reflections #5
Year completed 2006
Dimensions 35" x 35"
Materials Cotton & silk fabric, laser print, acrylic paint, thread
Photo transfer and painting on fabric with machine and hand quilting
Artist Statement
The idea for Urban Reflections #5 came from the beauty and peaceful quality of the more industrial, less populated areas of Brooklyn. The base photo (seen here only in highlighted pieces) came from a very old warehouse building in downtown Brooklyn that has been abandoned for many years. The brick façade, the beautiful arch windows and doors, and the stars that bolt the building together are all very appealing to me. At certain times of day, usually early morning, you can wander around this area and as the light just begins to peak over the skyline & highlight this building, it provides a wonderful atmosphere for meditation and reflection.
Photo Credit Karen Bell

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