Russell and I started collecting reamers and juicers over eight years ago and now have over 450 of them all over the house. For those of you wondering what a reamer is, it's a juicer that was made to make fresh fruit juice before frozen juices entered the marketplace in the 1940s. Also referred to as a lemon squeezer or presse de citron, they are made of glass, porcelain, pottery, wood, metal and precious metals enabling endless collecting possibilities! We look for them wherever we travel and usually find something new to add to our collection!

To find out more about reamer collecting, visit the Home Page of the National Reamer Collectors Association.

We have since branched out to other Depression era kitchen glass, including measuring cups, a lot of Jadite glass, and a growing group of Hocking provision jars which make wonderful canisters!

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In the Kitchen... glass reamers hang on the walls.. (what a great way to cover the old wallpaper!) Kitchen glass is stacked up in the corner cupboard, in the window sills and on most other available surfaces!

Enter the Kitchen

In the dining room, we have one tall glass-doored cabinet that is overflowing with reamers. There are reamers on the top shelf of the buffet and on the fireplace mantel, too.

Enter the Dining Room

Reamers now welcome you in our front hall as you go into the living room. This china closet contains many pitchers, figurals and juice sets.

Enter the living room


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