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Rose Rushbrooke
Aldie, VA USA
Cara Gulati
Nicasio, CA USA
Dana Lacy Chapman
Plano, TX USA
Andrea Stern
Chauncey, OH USA

Sandy Wagner
Pine Grove, CA USA
Martha Sielman
Storrs, CT USA
Judy B. Dales
Greensboro, VT USA
Kim Marguerite LaPolla
Los Altos, CA USA

Linda Mason
Coos Bay, OR USA
Linda Dawson
St. Petersburg, FL USA
Esther M.C. Weiss
Derwood, MD USA
Amy Koester
Palm Coast, FL USA

Barbara Pucci
Brooklyn, NY USA

Michele Martens
Watervliet, NY USA
Leslie Jenison
San Antonio, TX USA
Karen Cote
Pittsford, NY USA

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