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Ann Louise Mallard-Pugh
Las Vega, NV USA
Linda Dease Smith
Macon, GA USA
Peggy Daley Spence
Tulsa, OK USA
Christine Lussier
Oak Park, IL USA


Kim Ritter
Houston, TX USA
Kim Ritter
Houston, TX USA
Dera A. Muszick
Okeechobee, FL USA
Lori Gravely-Novello
Silver Spring, MD USA

Mary McRae
Temple, NH USA
Wanda Shelton
Roseville, MN USA
Kay Koeper Sorensen
Salem, WI USA
Amanda Perkins
Woodbridge, Suffolk U.K.

Heidi Hunter
Sandy Hook, Manitoba CANADA
Sarah J. Williams
Athens, OH USA
Patricia Mink
Ann Arbor, MI USA
Rachel & Bar Roggel
Rehovot, ISRAEL

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