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Lily M. Kerns
Marionville, MO USA
Louisa Smith
Loveland, CO USA
Shelley Swanland
Cayucos, CA USA
Dara Tokarz
Sedona, AZ USA

Bozena Wojtaszek
Judy Dunnett
West Bloomfield, MI USA
Naomi Lloyd
West Sand Lake, NY USA
Pamela Perry
Washington, DC USA

Jill Jensen
Forest, VA USA
Lyn Wolf Jackson,
Billings, MT USA
Penny Rubner
Great Falls, MT USA
Meena Schaldenbrand
Plymouth, MI USA


Frances Holliday Alford Austin, TX USA
Irene Quinlan
Amherst, NH USA
Susan Callahan -
Silver Spring, MD USA
Linda Colsh

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