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Peggy Keeney
Harbor Springs, MI
Becky Kelly
Kingsburg, CA
Suzanne Kelly
St. Cloud, MN
Lily Kerns Marionville, MO

Cathy Kleeman
Ruxton, MD
Ellen Koehn
Puyallup, WA
Amy Eileen Koester
Palm Coast, FL
Pat Kumicich
Naples, FL

Mary Ann Littlejohn
Houston, TX
Naomi Lloyd
West Sand Lake, NY
Heidi Lund
Kingston, WA
Judy Lundberg
Silver Spring, MD

Kevan Rupp Lunney
East Brunswick, NJ
Susan Madden
Austin, TX
Kathy O'Meara Magnuson Lawrenceville, GA
Debbie Markowitz
Jerusalem, Israel

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