Emily Parsons
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43" x 45"

Hand dyed fabric, collage, applique, quilting.

STATEMENT: I wanted to capture the feeling of a garden "symphony". I chose the daylily as my subject, one that would represent an Illinois garden during the peak of summer. This quilt was commissioned by the St. Charles Art and Music Festival for the 2001 festival. It is in the permanent collection of the Art and Music Festival.

82" X 63

Hand dyed and commercial fabric, collage, applique, quilting.

STATEMENT: My husband and I bought our first house in the winter, so we
were unaware of the wonderful gardens planted by the previous owners. Spring was full of surprises, as hundreds of green shoots popped their heads through the snow. The profusion of tulips, combined with the happiness I was feeling in my new home, set the stage for a new burst of design inspiration.
Juror's Choice: Quilt National 1999



In 1995, after three years of making abstract geometric quilts, I began designing radically different pictorial quilts. My inspiration for these fabric portraits came from my everyday life, which, since I lived in the city of Chicago at that time, consisted mainly of my apartment, office, and city architecture.

In the winter of 1997-98, my husband and I bought our first house in the far suburbs of Chicago. Because we bought out house during the winter, we had no idea of the beautiful gardens that were lying dormant in our yard, waiting to surprise us in the spring. The profusion of daffodils, crocus, and tulips that erupted in the spring renewed my enthusiasm for my work. That year, after ten years of living in the city, I became reacquainted with the joys of having a yard, flowers, birds, and wildlife. Since this time, most of the quilts I have made have been my interpretation of the joy and beauty of nature.

The unlimited colors of flowers, the patterns of butterflies, and the textures of leaves have not ceased to amaze and delight me. I hope to continue to draw on the vast and wonderful resource of nature, which has moved artists for centuries, and continues to supply an unlimited palette of colors, textures, and ideas.

You can see more of Emily's quilts on her web page: www.emilyquilts.com

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