Virginia Holloway


I became interested in quilts about 15 years ago. My painting had become chaotic and stalled, and for several years I had been trying unhappily to be a non-artist.

I began drawing things that reminded me of my mother's and grandmother's quilts, and decided to try and teach myself how to make them. Work by Nancy Crow, Judith Larzelere, and Michael James, and some amazingly beautiful Amish quilts convinced me it could be worthwhile.

My emotions were always too close to the surface; using figures and images brings out the worst in my work. I did better by working abstractly, and at the time, quilts were one medium in which abstraction was accepted. I always hated being asked "what is that?"

I still do mostly piecing, and look at a pile of fabric as a big puzzle that needs solving.

It gives me limits that help keep me from getting too lost.



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90" wide x 70" high
© 2002 V. Holloway




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Be Cool
38" wide x 42" high
Cotton, machine pieced and quilted.

©2002 V. Holloway




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