Eileen Doughty
Web Page: www.DoughtyDesigns.com

I love the concept of "place" and so my preferred subject matter is the landscape. My background in cartography has been useful in designing my quilts, since designing maps also relies on understanding how people view and interpret colors and symbols. I blend art and science in the creation of my quilts.

The tactile nature of quilts is explored and celebrated in my art. I use "thread sketching" to convey the image into the textile medium, my hands freely moving the fabric as I sew tree branches, leaves, flowers, grasses and other natural motifs. Details are added with surface design techniques such as painting, collage, discharging, and stamping, sometimes on nontraditional fabrics. I have been creating commissioned art quilts since 1991.

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"The Name of a River Can Heal"
each panel 31 x 108"

Machine pieced and appliquéd, collage, machine quilted Fabric paints, metallic foil. Edges of panels turned under (no binding or facings). Cotton and organza fabrics, many of which I painted or stamped; rayon, cotton, polyester monofilament, metallic, Sliver and hand-dyed cotton threads.

This was commissioned to hang in the reception area of St Vincent Indianapolis Hospital. The panels will be installed in glass-tiled niches behind the reception desk.





"Below Great Falls"
22 x 36"

Cotton, organza, acrylic paint, threads, colored pencil machine pieced, appliqued and quilted.

The Great Falls of the Potomac River have marked the limit of commercial navigation since colonial days.

This scene is of the gorge below the falls, where the water swirls with foam and kayakers sometimes practice. The granite rocks are a favorite place for climbers of all ages and abilities.

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