Refrigerators have a strange life all of their own. They are the true kitchen icons of American households. We peer inside them hopefully in the middle of the night, hoping for some minor miracle (or at least a snack) to appear. We pay them homage faithfully, filling them eternally lest they might give the appearance of being empty. Heaven forbid that a friend or relative should come to visit, look inside the refrigerator and find it lacking anything. We eternally beautify and personify our refrigerators, covering them with as many magnets as they can hold. Often too, the outside top of the refrigerator is used to hold sacred treasures such as the family cookie jar, or the fern that came in from the cold.

In honor of these truly enigmatic kitchen icons that play such an important part in our lives, the challenge was born: Refrigerator Wardrobes: The Lives and Times of Kitchen Icons.

Anne Copeland

The Participants and their Quilts
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Anne Copeland
Karen Cotes
Katherine Brainard

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