Fine Focus, a traveling exhibit of small format art quilts, originated with a call for entries in the quilt art online network in the fall of 1998. Sandra Sider, juror and curator, conceived this exhibition for the purpose of exploring the concept of small format art quilts and fiber art in general. In January 2001 Fine Focus 02 was announced. The response was exciting, and challenging.... 177 international artists submitted 362 pieces for consideration.

The Jurors, Laura Cater-Woods, Kim H. Ritter and Judy B. Dales selected for a broad range of approaches to the art quilt. Fine Focus 02 presents work that addresses contemporary issues while paying tribute to the traditions of quilting. The exhibit is of high quality both technically and conceptually and includes pictorial work, abstractions, and both serious and humorous pieces.

Fine Focus 02 consists of 50 pieces. The works, which range in size from 7"to 13", are stitched to canvas and mounted to 16 x 16". 4x4, the accompanying juror¹s exhibit, features one piece from each juror and one from Founder Sandra Sider, also mounted to 16" square.

Fine Focus 02 opens its three year tour at the Mansfield/Richland Public Library in Richland Ohio at the end of March, 2002. The reception is scheduled for April 6, 2002. The exhibit is booked for a number of venues including the Cornell Museum [July -through mid September 2003] and Primedia Gallery [November / December 2003]. The schedule is changing regularly as details are worked out with interested venues. The exhibit requires approximately 110 linear running feet unless hung salon style. The exhibit must be presented in its entirety. The rental fee is $500.00 which includes insured shipping to the venue. For further information contact Laura Cater-Woods at


Christine Adams
"Simple Pleasures"
Maureen Bardusk
Liz Berg
Laura Cater-Woods
"Echo Series #9"
Marilyn McKenzie Chaffee
"Skyworks 4"
Linda Colsh
Colleen Curry
Carolyn Dahl
"The Eye in I No 3"
Judy B. Dales
Joan Lockburner-Deuel
"Bridges II"
Diane Rusin Doran
"Rosemary I - Iris Imposter"
Joan Dreyer
Kristen Dukay
"A Boy Named Wattie"
Rosemary Eichorn
Susan Ennis
"Searching for Chimera"
Leslie Nobler Farber
"Left Handed Eyes"
Maxine Farkas

Cornelia Jutta Forster
"Zen Oranges"

Randy Frost
"Improvisation V"
Lutgard Gerber-Billiau
"Eyes on the Future"
Marilyn Gillis
Valerie S. Goodwin
"Built Forms at Water's Edge"
Michele Hardy
"Circles #14"
Borg Henrikson
"Eskimo Dance"

N. Maia Howes
"Mother/Daughter Bi-Polar"

Donna Leigh Jackins
"5 Points - Greek Salad"

Lydia Johnston
Phil Jones
Catherine Kleeman
"Illusions III"
Liz Kuny
"A Winner Every Time"
Judy Langille
"Small Purple Grid"

Jill Le Croisette
"Fools Gold"

Michelle Martens
"Grid #2"
Barbara McKie
"Shibori Reflections"
Phyllis Nelms
"Teapot Tantrum"

Pat Owoc
"Hosta: Yellow Margarita"

Jeri Riggs
"Traveling Phoenix"
Shirley Jo Rimkus-Falconer
"Knarl Ridge"
Kim Ritter
"Moon River Woman"
Joanie San Chirico
"Catacombs 5"
Maya Schonenberger
"Reflections III"

Judith Random Shamp
"Random Acts of Kindness"

Susan Shie
"Bad Spinach"
Sandra Sider
"Terra Firma?"
Judy Simmons
"Nature's Carpet"
Arle Sklar-Weinstein
"Manhole Series #1"
Sherry Spangler
Virginia Spiegel
"Go With the Flow"
Andrea Stern
"Wasting Away"
Julie Upshaw
"Worms and Crevices"
Sylvia Weir
Terry White
"Not So Still Life"
Sarah Williams
"Cat Tails"
Rosanne Lynne Welter
"The Journey"

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