Fine Focus Artists

Heather Allen

"98 Duality"

Patricia Autenrieth


Elizabeth Barton

"Lost World"

Mary Beth Bellah

"An Eye for the Ladies"

Karen Felicity Berkenfeld

"Weather Patterns #1"
Lisa Bowes
"Immersion #1"
Jan Brashears
Laura Cater-Woods
Jeannette Clark
"Alice's Trees"
Linda Colsh
"Where the Water Spirit Dwells #2"
Susan Ball Faeder
"Kimono En Route #8"
Maxine Farkas
"Bagatelle #486"
Yvonne K.C. Forman
"A Nine-Patch Piece"
Randy Frost
"Industrious Growth"
Lorraine M. Glessner
"Debbie's Angel"
Catherine Happersett
"Batman's Sky"
Barbara Hewitt
"Queer Quilt"
Marjorie Hoeltzel
"Keep Off the Grass"
Wendy C. Huhn
"Tell Me How I Look"
Donna Leigh Jackins
"Pizza With a Gourmet Flair"
"Janos" (John W. Lefelhocz)
"I Hope the Sauce is not too Blue"
Kayla Kennington
Geri Kinnear
"Home Again"
Amy Koester
"Out of My Depth"
Marlene A. Koons
"Couldn't We Get Together and Be One Planet?"
Jill Le Croissette
Lisa A. Leutenegger
Susan Leslie Lumsden
"Seminole Crab"
Mary Magneson
"Star Trails"
Ricki L. Maietta
"Windows of Opportunity"
Patricia Malarcher
Michele M. Martens
"Moon Face Playing in a Puddle after a Storm"
Victoria Montgomery
"Dante's Veronica"
Kristen Olson Murtaugh
"Gyotaku on Gold Key Lake"
Dominie Nash
"Quilt for JB-2"
Phyllis Nelms
Pamela Perry
Suzanne M. Riggio
"Après Pierre Auguste"
Diana Goulston Robinson
"Walk in the Woods"
Meena Schaldenbrand
"What Quilts are Made Of"
Helena Scheffer
"Germ Warfare"
Diane Rode Schneck
"Artifacts" (textile design by Lawrence Cuozzo)
Vicki Schwam
"Total Eclipse of the Heart"
Susan Shie & James Acord
"Sweet Mysteries of Life"
Sandra Sider
"From the Kitchen of Anonymous"
Arié Sklar-Weinstein
"MOLA Series: Message from Another Domain"
Marcia Stein
"Into the Forest"
Laura Wasilowski
"Postcards from Home #12"
Rosanna Lynne Welter
"Autumn Pond"
Jeanne Williamson
"Circles, Squares and Triangles"