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DownDraft by Diana Mains Welte of Maysville, Kentucky

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Techniques Used:

Periwinkle, deep purple and ocean blue batiks, jewel tones as a compliment, 100% cotton batik remnants, commercial 100% cotton fabric remnants, vintage Rainbow Silk yarn samples Sulky 30 100% rayon thread 30 wt, Hobbs 100% cotton batting, scrunched muslin backing, June Taylor adhesive quilt spray. Techniques used: Torn, non-fused strips of found fabrics - printed and batik - from other projects. Adhesive spray held them in place for strip stitching with a walking foot. The silk yarn - random placement following the first strand that uncoiled when I tossed it onto the quilt -stitched within the rows. A zig-zag edge catches another strand of the uneven yarn. It is inspired by strip quilts of Brenda Gael Smith and a wonderful quilt entitled Landslide at Seven Rock Point by vintage costume/textile artist Liz Drake that employed ragged edge quilting.

Artist Statement:

When I was 12 years old, there was a devastating tornado in a small town next to us. It destroyed many farms and homes of the customers of our family grocery. My dad took me along with him to help. During those hours of clean-up, we were in the remnants of Mr. Story's huge chicken coop when the storm blew up again. I can remember standing in the damaged building looking up through the missing clapboards to bits of the sky — lightning and thunder all around — and remembering how scared I was. We still get tornadoes here in Kentucky but now, sometimes, they're classified as "downdrafts". Regardless of the name of the wind, barns — nor I — still don't fare so well in their fury.

Additional detail:

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