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Color My World

Color My World by Linda Salitrynski of Rome, Pennsylvania

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Techniques Used:

This quilt is constructed from commercial cottons, hand dyed pimatex cotton and hand dyed cotton sateen. The world was drawn on one piece of paper and then it was traced and the yin-yang overlay was drawn. It is completely machine pieced, including the small curved pieces. Then the five hands were fused into place. Black misty fuse was place on some of the overlay pieces on the world. The hands and land masses were machine blanket stitched. Machine quilting was completed with rayon threads. The hands were drawn for me, while I posed, by my friend Carol Boyer.

Artist Statement:

The four elements are represented by the world for the earth, the curving overlay for the wind, the oceans for the water and the warm colors of the land masses for the fire. As a pacifist, I felt I had the opportunity to put forth a message that there can be peace in this world if we just all come together, no matter the color of our skin. The yin and yang are not totally black and white, just as nothing in life is black and white and one cannot exist without the other. To see black, you need to have white and vice versa. Everyone needs to work together if this world is to continue to exist.

Additional detail:

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