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After the Fire

After the Fire by Marilyn Nepper of Wildwood, AB, Canada

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Techniques Used:

Curved piecing, silk fibers, electrical wire, copper penny, copper plumbing fitting, buttons, beads, free motion quilting, hand embroidery.

Artist Statement:

The after effects of a forest fire are devastating - the black of charred wood, the grey of ashes, bare rocks where even the soil has burned away. But it always amazes me how quickly things begin to grow again. The wind blows in seeds, the rain washes the nutrients into the soil and within weeks you begin to see green sprouting and soon wildflowers blooming. Some areas won't support vegetation for many years but even there moss begins to grow. Some trees miraculously seem to have escaped the destruction of the fire and stay green for a year or two but eventually the needles fall and the bare bones of the trees are left. A fire is Mother Nature's way of fast tracking the regeneration process.

Additional detail:

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