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Marriage by Robin Koehler of , North Carolina

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Techniques Used:

Hand carving stamps for each zodiac, free-form cutting my fire appliqué, threadpainting the tornado, and using symbolism to portray emotion

Artist Statement:

I found the challenge of picking an element to be the biggest hurdle. One day as I looked at the deadlines, I became very nostalgic thinking about how August 18th would be my 20th wedding anniversary and that on that day I will have been with my husband longer than I have been without him in my life since I am not yet 40 years old. This led to researching our zodiac elements of Air and Fire. It became the perfect theme when I realized that we are even more opposite than I previously knew. I am the Air which means I am cool, calm, blue. He is the Fire which means energetic, passionate, red. If you met us you would see that our personalities are polar opposites, but that I am the fiery, red and he is the cool, calm, blue. He is my rock and I couldn't imagine my life without him. As you can imagine, we have had our share of cool breezes and firestorms, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. "Marriage" portrays the 20 year (8/18/08) relationship between a Libra-AIR-Blue and an Aries-FIRE-Red. Fire needs air to survive and Air feeds fire's energy. When calm cool AIR meets energetic FIRE, tornadic activity can occur....If you are lucky.

Additional detail:

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