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Colorado River Run

Colorado River Run by Judy Haas of Hermosa, South Dakota

Techniques Used:

All fabrics but the background are kimono silk scraps I purchased by the bag. The irregularly shaped stones were given to my by a friend and are river rock. The others are from bead shops.

Artist Statement:

Men (and women) have always been drawn to adventures on fast flowing waters. The Colorado River is one of those enticing rivers. Late last February my husband left to meet his cousin and some friends for a rafting trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. I had been invited but a medical problem prevented my going. He was gone for a month with 3 weeks on the river with the only communications through a satellite phone that worked when the satellite was above them in the canyon (maybe). During the last half of the trip the Corps of Engineers tentatively planned to do a water release experiment but that was not definite when he left. I last talked to him from Lee's Ferry as they set off. About ten days later I received a phone call from another of my husband's cousins reporting that my husband had hurt his back but he was continuing the trip. Nothing more. I decided to make a photo album for all of the pictures I knew he was taking and the brown silk had a great pattern for canyon walls. I put the blue silk across the brown for the river. I tried this arrangement a number of ways and then finally cut it into four pieces, threw out one small brown piece and then added the orange silk shapes. Then I was reminded of the Journal Quilt project and changed the format to 17 x 22 inches and found a silk scarf I had dyed years ago to use for the Colorado River image.

All this time I was fussing about the high flow experiment and wondering how my husband was doing with his back. The high water event occurred three or four days before they were done with the trip and affected one of their campsite choices, When my husband finally called me I found that his back only bothered him one day and he was careful after that and he had no idea his cousin had told anyone about his hurting his back.

Additional detail:

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