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Thwarted by Patty VanHuis-Cox of Morton Grove, Illinois

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Techniques Used:

First I sketched out my design onto white cotton fabric. Then I created the large tree truck on top by using puffy paint and then dragging a stick through to create the texture. After drying, I puffed it up and painted it with acrylic paints. The bottom part was drawn with fabric dye sticks. The leaves were pink polka dot fabric, over dyed and rust dyed. I then cut out the leaf shapes and drew the veins in, sewing all down by hand. I added Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel over all to create the ice. When that was dry, I used sand paper to rough it up and cracked it in some areas. I added a wash of white acrylic paint on the outside in order to show the reflection better. The branch coming down was scraps of silk dye fabric and UTEE added for ice. The shadow was done using a black dye pen.

Artist Statement:

My journal quilt was about this past winter. Winter was very long with above average snowfall amounts and below normal temps. It seemed to go on forever until we finally had a warmup. Water was everywhere and buds slowly started coming out on the trees. Then out of nowhere a frigid cold front came through, plunging temps to way below freezing. Everything was encased in an icy cocoon. It was frustrating and beautiful at the same time.

Additional detail:

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