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Braving the Elements

The Elements

The Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Alphabetical Index by Artist

Julia Altshuler:



Judith Anderson:

A Delicate Balance

Dale Ashera-Davis:

Water Water Everywhere

Sherryl Buchler:


Phyllis Cullen:

Close to Home

Marilyn Davis:

Sequoyia Summer

Giny Dixon:


Lisa Ellis:

Fire Dance

Connie Marie Fahrion:

Pele's Revenge

Suzanne Freed:

Sunset at the Hula Grill

A. Carole Grant:


Judy Haas:

Colorado River Run

Beverly Hart:

2051: A Sea Odyssey

Frances Holliday Alford:

Molecular Structure

Lyn Wolf Jackson:

The Storm

Celeste B. Janey:

A Fire Tornado

Brenda Jones:

Warm Water

Robin Koehler:


Debbie Markowitz:

Raindrops are Falling

Katherine McNeese:

Circle of Life

Ann Louise Mullard-Pugh:

Earth, Water and Friends

Marilyn Nepper:

After the Fire

Virginia O'Donnell:

Forest Fires

Jeri C. Pollock:


Janette Rice:

Tears for Mother Earth

Suzanne Mouton Riggio:

Louisiana Swamp Water

Marilyn Rose:

Slot Canyon

Linda Salitrynski:

Color My World

Meena Schaldenbrand:

Seven Steps Around the Sacred Fire

Peggy Schroder:

Power Surge

Pat Blacha Shaer:

Molten Earth Core on the Move

Susan Slesinger:

He Causes the Wind to Blow

Sarah Ann Smith:

Ancient Earth

Aslan's Song

Wendy L. Starn:

Fire and Ice

Summer Breeze

Carol Steuer:

Flames Fragmented

Gisela Towner:

Crisp Point Light

Alexandra Tsubota:


Larkin Jean Van Horn:

Helen's Heart

Patty VanHuis-Cox:


Diana Mains Welte:


Judy Whitehead:

Without One There Are None

Cathy M. Winter:

The Legend of the Bluebonnet

Kathy Zieben:

Earth Mother

QuiltArt Braving the Elements Thumbnail Index Index by Title Index by Artist