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Patricia Cox

My Idol Has Clay Feet
20" x 21 1/2"

Hand dyed fabric. Face is fabric painted and colored pencil for details as well as thread painted. The hair is angelina fiber attached with hand stitched metallic threads. Background has swavorski crystals and beads to create photography bulb flashes and people. Background is hand quilted. Rope is puffy paint and then puffy velvet on top then fabric panted with burgundy and highlighted in gold paint. Rope stands are created with beads and sequins.

My piece is about our obsession with the rich and famous. They have this look but don't touch quality about them and well as a feeling of being above the law and everyone else - a reference to the law with the top of a police car in the upper right corner. The woman has this golden hair that borders on the impossible. He face is starting to show signs of fatigue and lines of age due to the stress of having to stay in this exalted place. She is contemptuous and looks out over the people below her. She feels she is in a league all her own. She forgets that it is the world that put her there in the first place. The rope keeps everyone away. The group below her are the photographers that hound them constantly.

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