Pulling Myself Together
30" (at longest) x 5" (at widest)

Marion Barnett
Strathpeffer, Scotland

When I am told to pull myself together, as depressed people often are, I wonder how to do it...there are so many bits missing, things I can't remember, or don't know, about myself. My strength goes towards healing those holes, not in trying to close them up prematurely.

Blanche Batey
Shalimar, Florida, USA

I usually make a few rough sketches and work loosely from them. This can lead to unexpected results! Often I make multiples based on a theme. This piece was a second start and is completely different from the first. When I originally started I was thinking in terms of the eyes being the windows of the soul, but gradually I began to think more of the voice as expressing the soul. I've always enjoyed listening to music, especially blues. This quilt represents that soulful singing. The soul holes are their mouths.

The base is tourtured brown velveteen that I had used to test techniques. It was painted, cut up, abused, washed and used for stich practice and tension samples. If I had started out with a pretty piece of fabric it might look "prettier", but the souls I was thinking of would be more worn, even tattered, than pretty.

I drew the faces with thread then painted the hair and some of the features with acrylic pens. Cotton floss was couched over the hair and added the gowns. Sparkly trim was sprinkled over the back ground, a net and then a brown sheer were added. In all of the challenges I try techniques I have not used before. It is always a pleasure and an adventure.

Blues and Lame'
17 1/4" x 17 1/4"

Spiritual Journey
20" x 13"

Kathryn Leinbach Brown
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

All of the fabrics in this quilt were hand painted by the artist on 100% kona cotton with setacolor paints. It is machine pieced, machine quilted and thread painted. The dove rising up over the land and leaving through the hole in the sky symbolizes our journey from earth as humans to our spirit entering heaven. This quilt is dedicated to both of my parents and my sister who have already gone on this journey.

Rebecca Cox
Merritt Island, Florida, USA

This quilt was inspired by the plight of our planet and the destruction caused by our devouring need for more "things". It is not "Things" that bring us ultimate joy, but love, peace, belief in a higher power, and appreciation of the wonders here on earth. Are our children going to be able to see those wonders anywhere but in museums? This quilt incorporates hand painted silks and cottons, tulles, and commercial cottons, fused, appliqued and thread painted. I live in Merritt Island, FL.


The Watchers -
Destruction of the RainForest

Memory Lapses
15" x 20

Melissa Craven Fowler
Ithaca, New York, USA

Materials: cotton hand-dyed fabric, commercial fabric, upolstery fabric ("batting" for stiffness); computer internal cables, memory modules, logic chips, beads, window screen.

Methods: Resist dying, fused soft-edge applique, machine quilting, hand beading.

For anyone over, say, 45, the concept for this quilt needs no description.

Linda Henke
Centennial, Colorado, USA
Ex Nihilo offers a visual portrayal of the six successive commands by which the Creator incrementally called the universe into existence. In this piece, the belief that this divine power is one that creates ex nihilo -that is, out of nothing - is reflected in the empty hole from which even the formless void emanates. This quilt grows out of my personal conviction that, even in those experiences of life that leave me with a painful "hole in the soul," the God is able to call forth newness of life.

Utilizing both traditional and foundation-pieced techniques, this piece is fashioned from commercial and hand-dyed cotton fabrics and embellished with stenciling, hand-embroidery, chenille-textures, and free-motion machine quilting.

Linda Witte Henke is a textile artist whose work has been focused for several decades on the creation of vestments, paraments, and other liturgical forms. Although she continues that work, her interests have more recently broadened to include contemporary art quilts. An ordained minister in the Lutheran tradition, her work frequently gives expression to religious themes and faith convictions. Henke resides in Centennial, Colorado, where she is a member of the Front Range Contemporary Quilters.

Ex Nihilo
17.75 " in diameter

In the beginning
when God created the heavens and the earth,
the earth was a formless void
and darkness covered the face of the deep.
Genesis 1:1-2


Eye of the Storm

Cindy Henry
Candor, New York, USA

I have found myself recently in the midst of some difficult times, in search of a personal direction for my artwork and my life. The spiral is a form that has emerged frequently in my sketchbook during this time. When I saw the "Soul Hole" challenge, I knew immediately that it suited my interest in these spiraling forms. I have a sturdy friend who has been an inspiration in helping me find my way, both personally and artistically. In our soulful exchanges I discover, from time to time, inspiration and peace--the "eye of the storm."

Kimberly Marcus
Tarrytown, New York, USA

I was inspired by a story that I heard on NPR. They were speaking about marriage and soul mates and that got me thinking about wedding rings and the joy I felt at getting married. The 2 rings represent mine and my husband's wedding rings, although they also look like flames. I cut a hole in the center because that is where our lives are joined. The figures represent the two of us. And the quilting lines and beads are leading to the building of the rings. I had fun with the swirling circular quilting. It was very freeing. I really love how this turned out and it is all because of this challenge!

17" on the top and
16.5" on the two sides and bottom

Vietnam Soul Holes
5.75” x 10.5”

Mary McBride
DeLand, Florida

Started for the Soul Holes Challenge, I couldn’t finish the art project until this morning when I read in the newspaper that a classmate had died. Milton Culp, 60, a typical mild-mannered, good-humored, marine biology high-school teacher, had earned two purple hearts and a bronze star in Vietnam. In Milton’s name, I added the fringe of purple hearts. This is dedicated to all the good soldiers who help heal our country’s soul holes.

This is from a series of haiku I wrote 10 years ago.

Boys in photo wave
Their names carved in black marble
She dreams of Paris


Brenda Molloy
Pendleton, New York, USA

I work with fiber. The tactile quality of fiber, colors, textures, and light entice me. Starting a piece with a vision, and seeing where that vision takes me is exciting.I am working with the themes of balance, connection, energy and transformation. It is my hope to touch other people, to make them think, and to give them pleasure in viewing my fiber art.

In this quilt, Soul Energy, I am depicting how interwoven our energies are, and how we connect to one another on different 'planes' as we journey
through life

12" x 13"

GOD Help The Children
16.5" x 16.5"

cotton, acrylic paint, metallic and cotton
thread, cotton batting & grommets

patsy monk
Parrish, Florida, USA

This quilt begins as a traditional log cabin, the traditional block of the traditional home. The center is red to represent the traditional 'heart of the home'. However, in scripture it is commanded that GOD is to be the center of our 'homes'. This 'home' is filled with golden threads showing interest in material things. The love of *things* other than GOD is directly against the commandments in the Old Testament.

The 'home' was designed by GOD to be 'intact' as shown in Genesis 2:24 "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh." It was designed to be an example to the children. GOD is to be revered, feared and honored by the parents with this being taught to the children and to the children's children.

When any thing takes GOD's place and the commandments are forgotten, for whatever reason, the damage to the family unity continues through generations. The examples have been set by the parents and their parents before them. This 'home" is shown as shattered. The needs of the family are not met by the parents. The children are left to wander as they may. Some even die young and are lost.

The liturgical messages for this piece are found in many places in scripture: Isaiah 48: 17-19; Exodus 20:5; Numbers 15: 39-41; Leviticus 22: 31-32; Deuteronomy 4:1-2 & 6:1-3; Joshua 22: 5; Ecclesiastes 12:13; these are just a few.

However, I can throw few stones. I, too, have fallen far short of a GOD-centered life. I failed to follow and teach HIS commandments to my children. The Christian legacy I continue is a mess. I pray GOD will forgive me and I pray for my children.



Maggie Muth
Columbia, Maryland, USA

My husband's seven year old granddaughter lives with us. Both her parents are drug addicts. This quilt represents her life and mine...surrounded by the addiction, fear and anger of other people, creating a large soul hole. But that sole hole has been filled with grace - which is what keeps us going. I made the quilt out of an out grown Barbie shirt and machine quilted it with tinsel thread, representing the cheery, sparkly faces we put on. Surrounding the soul hole is a fence and prickly things, which keep people out. But Grace is always there.

Amazing Grace
8 1/2" x 11"

Wild Thing
9 1/2" x 12 1/2"


Kimberly Baxter Packwood
Ames, Iowa, USA

I machine and hand stitched a piece of cotton quilt batting, that had been dyed using bound resist techniques. The dyed batting is stitched between two peices of silk organza, and is embellished with dyed cotton quilt batting, silk duponi, chenille threads beads, and various found objects. Once I started putting holes in the piece I actually had to pull back, it was fun! the finished piece is approximately

Kay Paulino
Redmond, Oregon, USA

For the "Soul Hole" challenge, I decided to use the simple Square-In-A-Square block, which is the theme of a Series that I have concentrating on for the past nine months. I used scraps of fabrics in lights and darks, along with a piece of fabric that I dye/painted several years ago. My entry is entitled "Out of the Box." To illustrate this title, I created hands and arms from a cloth doll book. As I continue to search for my own voice as a Quilt Fiber Artist, I am in many ways stepping out of the box to go for the unexpected.

Out of the Box

Reaching For The Stars
Approximately 17" circle



Meena Schaldenbrand
Plymouth, Michigan, USA

The circular shaped quilt is the face of mankind. The hole in the center is in the shape of the Space Shuttle and is the hole in our hearts on February 1, 2003.The "eyes" belong to the millions who admire the spirit of the crew. Tears are shed on the right side of the face for the lost lives. The "mouth" is that of a world immersed in shock and grief. It honors the seven brave astronauts of the Columbia: Michael Anderson, David Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark, Rick Husband, William McCool and Ilan Ramon


Mary Louise Smith
Brooklyn, New York, USA

The border is of an Australian fabric with aborigine motifs. The center background is hand dyed to resemble the hot outback desert sand and is quilted in circular motif in gold to resemble the journey to spiritual self realization. The abstract motifs scattered around the two figures (lizards) are the "shedding of the outer layers of self" as we travel towards our quest. At journeys end (the "black hole") is the soul we seek...it is in the reflection in the mirror.





"The Journey to the Soul"
23 1/2" x 23 1/2"

Batik, Broderie Perse, Hand Dyed Fabric,
Mirror Embellishment, Machine Pieced,
Machine Quilted with Gold Metallic Threads

"Soul Hole Six"
30"h x 22"w

Julie Zaccone Stiller
Boulder Creek, California, USA

Six holes for the soul to come in and
depart once again




June Underwood
Portland, Oregon, USA

Sometimes, when I see some kid's sidewalk art, or I walk past a coffee shop and the scent fills the air, or I catch the sun under a newly leafed willow, or even for no discernible reason, sometimes I will feel a glow from deep within, a positive joy that I think can be seen by the least interested passerby. And then I realize that to most folks, I look like an ordinary pleasant passerby, blending a bit with the foliage.

"Lit from Within"

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