Requirements: At least 50% of your quilt top must be PAPER with at least SOME stitching--hand, machine, wire, etc.- visable on the front (can functionally be held together in any way you choose--fusible webbing, glue, etc.) Any other materials can be included....fabrics, wire, beads, yarn, glass, found objects--whatever you want.

Size: Any size goes

Host: Kelly Simbirdi

Sweet Memories of Another Time and Place
19" x 15"

Nancy Dobson

Materials used: Candy wrappers from France, paper bags, gift wrap, ticket stubs, brochures, stamp, metallic thread.

This is my little memory quilt of a trip to France and Italy this past Summer. I must say, I did enjoy eating the chocolates so I could use the wrappers in my challenge!

Meena Schaldenbrand
Plymouth, MI 48170

Are boys valued more than girls at birth in this society?

Are men valued more than women later in life?
What about other societies? Why?

The only fabrics seen in this quilt are in the borders and binding. The central background is fused money notepaper.A fused, enlarged paper copy of a $100,000 bill make up the top of the scales and the male and female symbols.The scales are made with cardstock paper, gold Papercords and beads. It is machine quilted with gold and monofilament threads.

Gender Value
12” wide x 15 high”

12 Patch: Detritus
23"wide x 36" high


Julie Zaccone Stiller
Boulder Creek, California, USA

My handmade paper which includes, coffee, black tea,
red onions, lavender, eucalyptus, bills run through
the shredder. Leftover Dockers chinos cutoffs as the
background. Scribble quilted in brown rayon.
Artist Statement:
Detritus: Any fragments separated from the body to
which they belonged, any product of disintegration.
The vaguely shield shape that this quilt became
reminds me of how the fragments of our stuff protect
us from the world outside. The gentle colors were a
big departure from my usual style. But the textures
and organic shapes are something that is a theme
through the rest of my work.


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