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Level & Plumb
8" X 45.5"

Sherry Boram
Pendleton, Indiana USA

This piece is all about vertical and horizontal. In my family of woodworkers, level and plumb are the gold standard and I've applied them to this quilt. Cotton and silk fabrics, couched pearl cotton, machine pieced and quilted. Embellished with beads, plastic laser designs, a commercial level bubble and handmade wooden plumb bob.



Mobius Madness
Size: Loop 1: 2.5" x 19"
Loop 2: 2" x 19"
Loop 3: 1.75" x 19"

Lynn Chinnis
Warrenton, VA, USA

I decided to do a mobius loop for this round. I had originally intended to use hardware cloth to form the loop and then cover it, but ended up using buckram on the inside instead. Batting on both sides and lots of stitching made it keep the shape I wanted. When I finished the first loop, it didn't look very interesting by itself, so I decided to add two more loops.




“Flori Flora #6”
H: 70cm/ 28” – W: 12,5cm/ 5”

Lutgard Gerber-Billiau
Grimbergen, Belgium

In fact this is the trial piece made for the first S&N challenge. My first thought was to make a long and small double-sided quilt with a twist.. It never got finished because I couldn’t figure out, how to make a twist in my quilt and how to keep the twist fixed. Adding a metal wire? … Didn’t work. It was only a few days before the deadline, that I got the inspiration (Thanks to Scott’s construction I saw in the photo files), how to fix the twist with 2 silk ribbons. I used home-dyed batiste, stamps from India. machine quilted, hand beaded, photo-transfer.


Rust Series #3

Cheryl Gerhart
Churchville, VA , USA

This piece is a result of my experimentations with rusting fabric. I placed nails on black fabric soaked in vinegar and it did not rust as the white fabric had. I left it for 3 days and had some rust, but when I rinsed the fabric, the rusted areas shredded. I finally saw the design opportunity and placed white rusted fabric behind the shredded areas. Light quilting and beads sprinkled on the surface completed the piece.

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Color Through the Seasons
5" x 36 1/2"

Spring detail
Winter detail
Pheasant detail

Jan Johnson
Wakefield, Nebraska, USA

Statement: Color Through the Seasons was constructed to show the area of the state where I live and how each season, summer, fall, winter, spring, retains some of the colors of the previous and next seasons all of which produce a beautiful landscape. The pheasant was quilted within the fall portion of the quilt to depict just one of the species of wildlife residing within the colors.

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Elements of my Life Painted Inside the Box
13.5" X 86.5"


PeggySue O. King
Olympia, Washington, USA

Fire-Earth-Water-Air the most powerful influences on ones life presented in transition.
Earth-The Mountain expresses my life in the shadow of majestic mountains. (Mt McKinley on my morning drive for 20+ years, and now Mt Rainier)

Water-The Ocean depicts the power and majesty of our great planet, a life-giving and taking force. (I have been drawn to the ocean since childhood-finding solace and comfort in the presence of great power, resting peacefully in awareness of my finite existence beside such an embodiment of the infinite/divine.)

Air-The Sky shows the many moods and expressions of our skies. (These are often reflected in my life.)

Fire-The warming assurance of our geothermal foundations and going full circle as a representation of the sun, the necessary energy for all existence as we know it.

Materials: Cotton & cotton blends, fusible grid on point, beads, buttons and baubles, cotton batting
Machine pieced, hand embellished and hand quilted


Amazing Grace
13 ¼” x 71½”

Corky Ledbetter
North Charleston, SC

My first glimpse of Charleston, SC was from atop the Grace Memorial Bridge, one of 2 side by side bridges panning the Cooper River. Over the years the bridges have deteriorated and a new modern replacement bridge has been erected nearby. The old bridges are being torn down and their beauty will be missed.

Sky Diamonds
7" x 39" as hung
3" x 120" when 'deconstructed' into the original strip

Scott A. Murkin
Asheboro, North Carolina, USA

The challenge with this piece was always presentation. I constructed a two-sided strip out of Asian and Asian-style fabrics with a different pattern on each side. It was important to me to present this piece in a way that allowed at least glimpses of both sides and some interaction between them. The spiral was the obvious choice, but technically difficult to achieve. A form was used to which the quilted strip was temporarily adhered while a silk thread 'ladder' was sewn between the tiers. The shape is maintained entirely by gravity without additional support other than the silk threads. This exploration has led to more fabric sculptures, some with wire in the binding for additional support.


Sky Lake
12" x 60"

Jeannie Marsh
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Sky Lake began as an experiment of saturated color painted on silk. Reflecting the beauty of autumn in the mountains, I discovered a sense of inner peace as the stitching of metallic threads brought the swirling breezes and newly furrowed farmland to life. The resist-generated image of the bare tree is a reminder of the winter yet to come.


Dream Catcher
20" X 100"

Dale Anne Potter
Morse, Saskatchewan, Canada

Each of us has dreams. The dream catcher at the top is ready to catch our life dreams which are on puzzle pieces. Life is A puzzle.

Jackie's Climb for a Cure (Cancer) 12 " x 70"

detail 1
detail 2

Klara Schafler-Landesberg

I have been fighting cancer for the last 15 years, with short remissions. My quilts often express my changing moods, Jackies Climb has special meaning to me, like Jack was climbing the beanstalk, searching for the gold egg. To me the "Gold egg" represents the ultimate cure for cancer.

Techniques: Hand dyed and commercial cotton, Machine pieced and quilted, fused appliqué and 3E hand appliquéd beads.

Over the Hill Afflictions
11.5” x 59”
detail 1
detail 2

Meena Schaldenbrand
Plymouth, Michigan, USA

The “grandmother’s” clock notes many Over the Hill Afflictions ...from acid indigestion to wrinkles as I turned 50 this year.
The “hands” of the clock suggest ... Live, love, laugh as coping mechanisms
The copper wire mesh Aladdin’s mesh lamp suggests wishful thinking...Stay Young at Heart. Are they Hot Flashes or Power Surges?

The Body Flexible
6"w x 47"

Julie Zaccone Stiller,
Boulder Creek, CA, USA

Questions my body asks. How many times can you cut me open and still expect to be flexible? Can you inhabit me as I am and still remain in the world? How much flexibility do you really require of me? What have you done for me lately?

Straight and Narrow2