11" diameter
© m barnett 2003

Marion Barnett
Strathpeffer, Scotland

Hand made felt, handdyed cotton and silk rganza. Machine quilted with metallic and rayon threads.

We all protect ourselves somehow...this shell, though, can be manipulated opened, shut, changed altogether. It is, for me, a metaphor for personal change...though the structure seems to change, the essence of the piece remains the same.

Kris Bishop
Woodbridge, VA

I used rough edge applique and machine quilting. My 3-D featured are the water lily, the beaded fish eggs and the fancy yarns.



"Koi Pond"
17 1/2" x 17 1/2"

Out of this World
17 ½" x 17 ½"

Kathryn Leinbach Brown
Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA

This quilt was made as a response to a 3D quilt challenge offered on The quilt continues my space series with pieces stuffed with batting, and copper wire floating around the shapes. All fabric is 100% cotton with cotton batting. Free motion quilting with rayon and metallic threads.



Timi Bronson
Salem, CT


"Ode to Dreads" was made to honor our 22 year old daughter's decision to cut her dreadlocks off. (Yes!!!)

The background fabric is hand dyed, the fabric used in the "dreads" and head are leftovers from the stack and whack quilt I made our daughter for Christmas.

The head is trapuntoed. The fabric used for the backing
and shoulders is also fabric I dyed and stamped. The piece is machine appliquéd, the braided "dreads" were attached by hand.



"Ode to Dreads"
14" w x 18" h

Anne Copeland
Lomita, CA

Eileen Doughty
Vienna, VA

Okay, so maybe i stretched the rules here so hard they broke. I had been thinking of doing this for a while, and then the challenge came along. I'd done some real quilty streams already, one for the journal challenge last year, and a large 40" version i call my floor art.

My "Zen Stream" is in a 9" diameter Japanese laquered dish. The stones are from a stream near my house. The "water" is layers of organza sewn with metallic and sliver thread. No batting - but it does fit the Quilt National definition of quilt!

The two pieces shown below are more obviously quilts!

Zen Stream
10" diameter.

Organza layers, threads,
stones, enamel Japanese dish.


19" h x 23" w

Cottons, netting, hand-painted cotton
batting. Machine appliqued and quilted.



42" H x 15" W

Cottons, organza, sliver thread.
Machine appliqued and quilted.


18" h x 10" w x 12" d

Wool felted on a wire armature




Susan Duffield
Sidney, British Columbia, Canada

"Treebeard is Fangorn, the guardian of the forest; he us the oldest of the Ents, the oldest living thing that still walks beneath the Sun upon this Middle Earth." page 125, "The Tale of the Two Towers" by JRR Tolkein.

I have adored Tolkein's tales for many years. Treebeard sprang into my head as I read about the 3-D challenge. He grew out of the wool exactly as I envisioned him. No, I am not interested in the movies!

Francie Gass
Bellingham, WA

I awoke one morning with the image of woven sticks being the top layer of a quilt. The image quickly became this three dimensional quilt with a layer of tulle as the center layer. The idea of the branch in the moonlight came from looking out my kitchen window one night. If it weren't for this challenge, I might never have had the gumption to try all these new ideas. Every part of making this was a learning experience for me!

"Quilt: 3 layers stitched together"
16" w x 17" h x 12" d

Rachelle Gorland
Lancaster, OH
Rebecca Howdeshell
Ithaca, NY

Hand painted canvas, hand made felt, beads, yarns and hand made fimo

Wanderer II

7" x 7" (flap closed)
15" over the shoulder strap

Patsy Monk
Parrish, FL

This is my 3-d piece... it is a 7 circuit labyrinth, silk screened onto denim with soft scrub with bleach then heavily quilted .. along the path & then along both sides of the walls

The words "Be Still" were screened onto the back of the purse...from scripture

Psalm 46: 10
"Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth."

as I grab my purse and run out the door ten times or more each day... I want to be reminded.

Maggie Muth
Columbia, MD

Yin Yan: Two Sided Doll


Barb Pozek
Kimberling City, MO

I put the finishing touches on this quilt on the day that Fred Rogers died and I thought that his theme song was a perfect description of what I was showing in my quilt. I've made no secret that I just love the neighborhood that I live in. I adore my neighbors and feel so lucky to have such natural beauty at my door step. I am showing, in my quilt, a slice of the area, our
little slice that has a lake, woods, our house and even the airstrip at the top of the hill. They are all slightly wacky, because, well, I DO live here afterall! In creating my quilt, I used paper piecing elements , fabric modeling , and simple doll making techniques as well as simple embellishments of silk flowers, dragonflies, lace and beads. Welcome to my neighborhood!

Kelly Simbirdi
San Carlos California USA

This quilt was made during the last week of my mom's life--it was the place I "hid" from the world. I made to honor the woman my mom would have definately become had she lived long enough. It was inspired by the poem "When suddenly I am old and start to wear purple." My one regret is that I didn't show it to her while I worked on it--I don't know why I didn't show her, that week's a blur except for working on the quilt. My mom was an exceptionally funny lady (I didn't think that while I was in middle school!) who was quick with a compliment and a smile. It's my hope that she lives on in me--if my 14 year daughter's reaction to my talking to "anyone" and smiling at everyone is any indication, she taught me well.


"Sharon Audrey Brennan 7/1/39 - 11/3/98"
45" x 27"

commercial prints, clay pots, wood, silk flowers,
paper, doll, wire, and other "stuff"


Donna Sinrud
Oakton, VA

15" x 14"
I was playing with some of the techniques from the "The Art of Manipulating Fabric " by Colette Wolff. It is harder to do than it appears. It was fun. Thanks for the challenge.


"Gather and Scrunch"


"See My Pretty Quilt"
15 1/2" x 18"

Mary Louise Smith
Brooklyn, NY

What better way to combine my cloth dollmaking with quiltmaking then doing a three dimensional challenge. All fabric used are from Benin, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

Cloth Doll and Miniature Quilt: Hand pieced, fabric paints, wooden beads and cowrie shell embellishments, wool yarn hair, 8" full standing doll, 4 1/2" quilt hand quilted.

Border Background Quilt: Machine pieced, embellishments of red and black suede streamers and color beads at four
corners. Gold metallic thread, machine quilted.

Julie Zaccone Stiller
Boulder Creek, California


I've been interested in labyrinths for a while now,
and took this challenge up with making a 3-D labyrinth on a quilt. I used scraps layered on batting, covered with tuelle net, then quilted in a big spiral, edges were covered with couched ribbon and embroidery floss, the labyrinth outline was created with braided strips of recycled cotton/lycra. Glass beads were added to act as guides as you walk through the labyrinth with
your mind.

Labyrinths to me represent a physical way to meditate, using all of senses and including bodily movement in a walking meditation. I've enjoyed using my fingers to walk this labyrinth, giving them my eyes and tracing my path, spiraling into the center, discovering the rich treasure within, then return back to the outside.


Labyrinth #1


woodland fairy doll

15 inches tall and 4inches wide.
She is on a doll stand.

Priscilla Stultz
Fairfax, VA

I love making dolls. Each one of them develops a personality as I stuff and trim. Once the doll is finished it becomes part of my life and my collection. I usually work in the wearable art field, but doll making is a wonderful break.

Barbie Swanson

A Purple Mood: Florgello

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