Enjoy a selection of quilts from the 2007 Journal Quilt Project which were displayed at the 2007 International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. The Journal Quilt Project was originated by Karey Bresenhan as an ongoing, free-form exercise in creativity, specifically planned to encourage quilt artists to stretch and grow. Participation has grown to such proportions that the artists were requested to select their best quilt pages for exhibition. The exhibit consists of five small monthly quilt pages done over time and a journal entry from each participating artist. These examples are but a fraction of the many entries in this extremely popular challenge. More examples of Journal Quilts can be found in Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project by Karey Bresenhan.

Many thanks to Karey for giving Quiltart the opportunity to participate in this project and for displaying it for all to see in Houston at IQF.

Click on each image for a closer view.

Carolyn Abbott
Deirdre Abbotts
Barbara Adams
Christine Adams
Naomi Adams
Sharon Ahmed
Natalya Aikens
Frances Alford

Pamela Allen
Julia Altshuler
Ann Anastasio
Jennifer Anderson
Judith Anderson
Sandy Anderson
Sue Andrus
Deanna Apfel


Madeleine Appell
Susan Armstrong
Deborah Baldwin
Julie Balzer
Phyllis Barnett
Debbie Bates
Diane Becka
Deborah Bein


Christine Bell
Liz Berg
Karen Bettencourt
Sandra Betts
Drew Betts
Kris Bishop
Else Boesewinkle
Sherry Bohres


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