Quiltart Quinceanero: Terry Grant

Terry Grant
Portland, Oregon, USA
15" x 15"


Commercial and hand-dyed fabrics that have been painted, black beads. Fused applique, machine quilting.


My thoughts about being a part of the quiltart list for so many years now are simple. I love it. I love the list, I love the friends I've made, the opportunities I have had, the things I've learned, the inspiration, the laughs, the shared heartache. To get up each morning, turn on my computer and see messages from around the world enriches each day. I will never forget being online on September 11, 2001 and all the messages of love and concern from around the world and the sharing of the experiences of those near the affected areas. The feeling of connection to the world through Quiltart, that day, will be forever linked to my memories of that day.

Like family, we have been through a lot together. We share our triumphs and successes, as well as our failures, and we quarrel and disagree, but like family, we get through it. I love this group. This is my valentine to all of you.