Quiltart Quinceanero: Susan Shie

Susan Shie
Wooster, Ohio, USA
HAPPY 15: QA and TAC
15" x 15"


Whole cloth painted art quilt: Airbrush and airpen with fabric paint on kona cotton. Mostly machine quilted, Nature-fil bamboo batting. One Green Temple Buddha Boy bead. Airbrush work collaboration with students at April, 2010 Turtle Art Camp.


I made an earlier entry, but it was too large. It was very much about Judy and the span of 15 years of QA, but I made it a fat quarter size, to be able to work in the size my students were working in at Hudson River Valley Art Workshops in upstate NY in late March. So at my April 7 - 13 Turtle Art Camp, my three students and I decided to make their airbrush beginning lesson be 15” squares about Quilt Art’s Quinceañera.  

We each drew a cupcake on our panel, and then each of us took a turn at each of the four panels. My cupcake and all the writing, the peace symbols and eyes are my work. Kathy Zieben drew the hands. Marsha Boasso put the texture into the cupcake’s frosting. Bonnie Zieben made the tiara and wrote “Niña a Mujer” (girl to woman). We all took turns coloring all four panels.  I did all the quilting on my piece.  Kathy Zieben is also submitting her Turtle Art Camp Quinceañera piece.

What I realized, just before we made these paintings, is that Turtle Art Camp also has a Quinceañera this year, as its first year, 1994, I only had one day camps, which I thought of more as monthly art salons.  In 1995 I bumped the format up to weeklong workshops, in which all the students live with Jimmy and me and work in Turtle Moon Studios, inhabiting a kind of art biosphere.

So Happy Quinceañera to both QA and TAC!!!!