Quiltart Quinceanero: PeggySue King

PeggySue King
Olympia, Washington, USA
15" x 15"


Foundation pieced, embellished with beads, charms, and buttons, some vintage


The Quilt Art 15th anniversary challenge called out for velvet and satin, a celebration of 'coming of age,' a Quinceanero. For years I have been collecting materials to 'one day' make a crazy quilt. I think of crazy quilts as the original art quilts, using surface design, often to express a specific meaning. In 2003 I joined QA and participated in my first ever challenge. That was a transitional quilt for me. I began using beads, buttons, baubles and fibers, doodling on the surface of my quilts. I visited hundreds of QA list member's websites,saw the amazing work being done, all the possibilities. QA challenges are often the inspiration for my expression. Designing, piecing and doodling have become the heart of my personal meditations. Challenge themes focus my mind's dialogue. Finding ways to express the accompanying emotions and ideas brings me to greater awareness of myself. Each of the 15 sections went through any number of design transformations before taking their final form. Some are representative of specific ideas, others are purely fantasy.