Quiltart Quinceanero: Pamela Allen

Pamela Allen
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
15" x 15"


Recycled and commercial fabrics. Raw edge applique, Machine quilting, big stitch embroidery


I was so lucky to stumble upon the quiltart list in 2001 when I first started working in fabric. I knew NOTHING about quilts! I couldn't even sew properly...I was using a swap meet $30.00 sewing machine that I had to put duct tape over the feed dogs to freemotion. I remember asking the list what a "fat square" was. HaHa!  Nevertheless I DID learn thanks to all the help and encouragement from this list.  For this commemorative challenge, I cannibalized a truly awful quilt I made in 2002. It measured about 42x48" but I could find only a little 10" rectangle that was worth saving. I have reassembled it into a little composition that because of the figure and the apple, seemed to be about Isaac Newton at home. When I first started art quilting, I was compulsively filling every space with wacky embellishments. I seem to have gone off that recently and now cover the surface with compulsive embroidery stitches.