Quiltart Quinceanero: Victoria Novaro

Victoria Novaro
Benavidez, Pcia Buenos Aires, Argentina
Quinceañera's Journal
15" x 15"


Collage/Printed fabrics/Machine quilted.


I am new to both quilt arts and Quiltart.com. The list has been with me since I started giving my first steps moving away from traditional quilting towards more creative adventures. I took a picture of the tins at a local fabric shop, printed the pictures on fabric, made a quiltout of them that hangs and inspires me in my studio. They read: Live for Today; Hope for Tomorrow; Dream the Impossible Dream. My impossible dream was to become a professional art quilter in a country where quilting is almost non existent. By living every day surrounded by the (much more) experienced members of the list, I have hope that I will learn what I need to learn in order to make my dream come true. When I was fifteen, I kept a Journal (didn't we all?). When thinking about the QA@15 challenge, I connected with that part of me that loved collages. Van Gogh's First Steps' baby represents myself as a baby in roller skates, since I sometimes think I push myself into skating before walking. QA is represented by the mother, holding me when I get despaired, providing tons of secrets, tutorials, and blogs to visit and get inspired. Thanks QA for being there for me, every day!