Quiltart Quinceanero: Lynn Kunz

Lynn Kunz
Woodstock, Illinois, USA

15" x 15"


Sheets of plastic with a variety of fibers and fabric strips ironed in between.  The plastic sandwich was hand stitched with two colors of embroidery floss to a piece of satin crepe fabric (shiny side up) and a piece of flannel.  Then I did some machine quilting with metallic thread. I added buttons, beads, ribbons and trims.  Then I backed the whole piece with more satin crepe (shiny side out).  I did more machine quilting, then stitched the edges closed and used a heat gun to distort them.  I added fringe, tissue paper, more fibers and beads and Pebeo 3-D paint.  I stuck beads into the paint and a “CELEBRATE” with paint and beads off-center on the quilttop


I made a 5” square quilt in this manner a few years ago and loved the process, the sense of play, and the celebratory result.  I decided to make another but in the 15 X 15 size.   Again, there was a real sense of fun in doing it.  I would say it relates to Quiltart in that so many subscribers emphasize the importance of enjoying what you do and pass on lovely quotes that are affirming and inspirational.  Quiltart is a fun place to visit and learn.  I celebrate Quiltart's 15 years of sharing and many more to come.