Quiltart Quinceanero: Leslie Tucker Jenison

Leslie Tucker Jenison
San Antonio, Texas, USA
15" x 15"


Cotton broadcloth, ProcionMX dye, textile paint, polyester thread, batting, MistyFuse fusible.

Cotton broadcloth was dyed, screen-printed with similar-colored textile paint, then free-motion quilted.  Base quilt was subsequently over-painted with textile paint.  Two-inch squares were over painted with textile paint, pieced together in a "checkerboard" pattern, then cut to resemble the free-motion quilting pattern and appliqued to the surface


This quilt is a nod to the transition from earlier, more traditional work, to the discovery of surface design and subsequent use of dye, paint, and personal imagery on the quilted surface.  It is also a nod to one of my earlier, much-used free-motion quilting patterns.  I have been a member of the quiltart community for almost 13 years and during that time I have made a number of close friends, gained artful knowledge, and many life-lessons along the way.  I'm thankful to be part of this unique community of artists.