Quiltart Quinceanero: Laura Cater-Woods

Laura Cater-Woods
Billings, Montana, USA
15" x 15"


Applique construction, free motion embroidery and free motion quilting , hand beaded text applied by hand using pigma pens, cotton fabrics, rayon and cotton threads, glass and stone beads, acrylic ink
(All fabrics are hand dyed by people who are or have been, members of the list.)


The spiral design that is the base of this piece is a favorite motif of mine. It also is emblematic of the spiraling nature of relationship, of conversation, trends and concerns. Names change, specific points of view change but the basic concerns seem pretty consistent over the 12-13 years I have been a member of the list.

The text refers to topics of conversation that recur periodically, or that were memorable the first time around.

Also noted are the names of people and events I associate with the list. Exhibits and fund raisers that originated on list (and that I participated in on some level) are named.  People I hold in high regard that I might never have known or know of without the list are named, as are people whose impact on my life has been enhanced because of their on line presence.  I would never have crossed paths with some who are now good friends. The web of connection made possible by the Quiltart list has enriched my life.